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At the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, there is strong belief in the ability of youth to succeed. Friendship Centre programming and activities are designed to help our youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. See how the Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council is involved in making a difference in our youth’s lives.

Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

About Us

The ANFCA’s Provincial Youth Council, The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council (AAYC), was established in 1996 with the intent to increase urban Indigenous youth participation in culture and training. Today the well-developed youth council has emerged as a proud group of youth from across the province of Alberta with a vision for themselves, their communities and the future.

Throughout Alberta, many Indigenous youth councils operate within Friendship Centres and act as a critical element of steering committees designed to oversee and ensure youth involvement in youth programming.

Youth Development

The ANFCA’s provincial youth projects bring youth together from the 21 Friendship Centres in Alberta and promote development in areas such as leadership, cultural teachings, self-esteem, employment skills, and awareness, prevention, and advocacy for community issues.

Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council (AAYC)

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council is comprised of one youth voting delegate (aged 14 – 29) appointed or elected by each Member Centre, an Executive Committee which includes a Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary, and the National Youth Board Representative.

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council is mandated to:

  • provide a youth voice and advice to the Board on the affairs of the Association that affect the youth members of local Friendship Centres
  • help the Association represent and advocate at the provincial level for youth and the issues faced by youth members of local Friendship Centres
  • encourage growth and leadership within the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council through training and mentoring;
  • foster a two-way working relationship with the ANFCA Board and Friendship Centre members

Building a Better Future

Past AAYC Projects

The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council empowers youth in the province of Alberta to reach their fullest potential. The AAYC discusses and identifies youth priority issues which are developed into Youth Initiatives.

Past projects include:

Traditional Advice Leads to Knowledge (TALK)

– Traditional Advice Leads to Knowledge is a guide for youth that was created through conversations held between youth and Elders, one on one. The youth asked their Elder questions about the issues that youth currently face: suicide; addictions; gangs; education; and HIV/Aids.

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Initiative (AYLI)

– The Aboriginal Youth Leadership Initiative served to develop the leadership skills of urban Aboriginal youth. Training was offered in a series of four provincial training sessions in Alberta which focused on leadership skills such as: conflict management; board development; public speaking; and self esteem.

Aboriginal Youth Mutimedia Initiative

– The Aboriginal Youth Multimedia Initiative seeked to foster awareness and critical thinking skills in urban Indigenous youth by providing them with the opportunity to investigate and express their views on family violence and bullying in their communities.

Friendship Centre youth participated in film training and, in small groups, developed and produced a short video depicting their views on family violence and/or bullying.

AAYC Youth Engagement Strategy (YES)

– The Youth Engagement Strategy was developed in order to increase youth engagement within the Friendship Centre Movement in Alberta. Through this project, AAYC developed and created two resource manuals: an AAYC New Members Package; and a Youth Council Start Up Kit. Also included was a communication strategy, a media project, and two youth engagement sessions held in 2014.

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