Sacred Circle Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SCADI)

Sacred Circle Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SCADI) encompasses a resource package that was developed to support prevention of type 2 diabetes through educational and culturally-enriched activities for Indigenous children.  The project involved collaborative resource development efforts from a variety of partners in the health, education and physical activity fields, as well as cultural guidance through ANFCA Elders’ Wisdom Circle.

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The Sacred Circle Storybook – an illustrated children’s story that explains holistic healthy living and balance through Sacred Circle teachings, as well as integrated activities and recipes.  Various traditional teachings are included in “The Sacred Circle” story. Permission to use these teachings as they are presented in the story and to publish this booklet was supported by members of Elders’ Wisdom Circle (ANFCA) on March 6, 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Sacred Circle Activity Guides – 6 child-focused activity guides each incorporate hands-on health promotion and cultural activities.  Each activity guide can be used to lead a workshop of 60-90 minutes in length including at least a 20-minute physical activity and a healthy snack.  The activity guides will help children towards achieving the Physical Activity Guidelines (CSEP) recommended 60 minutes of physical activity and towards the recommended servings of healthy food groups in Canada’s Food Guide, particularly commonly under-consumed food groups such as dairy and fruits and vegetables.

Facilitators’ Manual – a handbook containing relevant health, diabetes, and facilitation resources from reputable sources that may support a prospective community facilitator in sharing health promotion knowledge.  Topical sections included are: Type 2 Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Healthy Physical Activity, Emotional/Mental Health, Teaching Principles of Sacred Circle Resources, and Tips for Facilitation.  Resources and fact sheets included were shared with permission from Health Canada, Canadian Diabetes Association, and Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

Sacred Circle DVD/online video – an educational video that describes type 2 diabetes, risk factors and prevention using illustrations, allusions to more easily understand concepts and vivid imagery.  The video has also been found to work well with all age groups, particularly senior populations.

Posters – 6 colorful posters showcasing key messages from the SCADI project.

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