Canada 150 Legacy Mosaic unveiled at the C2

Canada 150 Legacy Mosaic unveiled at the C2

The Canada 150 Legacy Mosaic was unveiled on Saturday. The mosaic was designed using photos submitted by the residents of Bonnyville and will hang on display at the Centennial Centre in Bonnyville. The project was lead by the Bonnyville Friendship Centre with the support of the Town and MD of Bonnyville. It was funded thanks to a Canada 150 Federal Grant.

Lauri Fitzpatrick, the Executive Director of the Bonnyville Friendship Centre, says the project came together thanks to partnerships between the Town and MD, as well as the Dove Centre, the Library, the Bonnyville Centennial Centre, the Bonnyville Learning Council and the Bonnyville Chamber of Commerce. Local artists from Aurora Visual Arts Society were consulted to help bring the vision to reality.

Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski said at the unveiled he was very excited to see the finished project, “I was blown away, with what I saw at the Canada Day celebrations; it was phenomenal. I like the tribute that we have done.” The mayor thanked the Bonnyville Friendship Centre for taking lead on the project, as well as Councillors Lorna Storoschuk and former Councillor, Jim Cheverie for helping oversee the development. “You [all] came up with a wonderful idea and a legacy that is going to be here forever.” Mayor Sobolewski says the mosaic will touch all the people of Bonnyville in one way or another, “take a close look because you’re going to recognize a relative or a friend, or yourself.”

Reeve-elect, for the Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville, Greg Sawchuk spoke on behalf of the MD at the ceremony, “the MD is happy to be part of the project.”

The Canada 150 Mosaic can be seen at the Bonnyville & District Centennial Centre.



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