ANFCA Programs

Community Capacity Support (CCS), AWAKE, Urban Partnerships (UP)

The ANFCA offers, facilitates, and/or administers the following programs which are instrumental in the ongoing success of community-based Friendship Centre operations:

Community Capacity Support Program (CCS)

The Community Capacity Support program [CCS] provides core-like funding to Friendship Centres and other urban Indigenous organizations so they can have a stable base from which to deliver programs and services that increase urban Indigenous participation in the economy. This stable base is also to be used to attract additional investments by being a platform from which other government programs, from all levels of government, can be delivered to the urban Indigenous community.

The objective for Community Capacity Support is to increase the participation of urban Indigenous individuals, families, and communities in the economy. Participation in the economy means that Indigenous peoples have the skills, knowledge and training to secure, maintain and excel in a strong Canadian economy. It is generally accepted that increased participation in the economy is achieved by individuals having suitable education, a skill set, self-advocacy skills and can access and utilize services/supports that reduce small challenges that create barriers, such as transportation and childcare.

In Alberta the CCS Program is administered by the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association (ANFCA). For more information please contact Sheralle Graystone, CCS Administrator, at sgraystone.anfca@telus.net.


The provincially-funded Aboriginal Women’s Action Knowledge and Empowerment (AWAKE) Program seeks to bring awareness about domestic violence to communities and unify organizations to prevent the cycle-of-violence. There are six AWAKE Committees across Alberta (Athabasca, Red Deer, Slave Lake, Grande Prairie, Mannawanis (St. Paul), and Hinton). AWAKE Committees are comprised of representatives from local Friendship Centres as well as community stakeholders from organizations working with women-at-risk. The AWAKE Committees aim to achieve comprehensive care for women-at-risk in their communities, and implement traditionally-based healing practices into existing programs.

Urban Partnerships (UP)


The Urban Partnership Program is one of the two available funding streams made possible by the new Urban Aboriginal Strategy through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.  Funding for the Urban Partnerships Program is distributed by the National Association of Friendship Centres and administered by Regional Provincial/Territorial Associations to meet the needs of urban Indigenous peoples across the country. The Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, an affiliate Provincial/Territorial Associations of the National Association of Friendship Centres, will fulfill the administration role for the Urban Partnerships program in the Alberta region.

The Urban Partnerships program is intended to fund projects and initiatives that will aim to increase the participation of urban Indigenous people in the economy.  The overarching approach to achieve this outcome is through the development and/or enhancement of partnerships at the community, regional and national level.  Funded Alberta projects are expected to support the transitions of Indigenous people from reserves, settlements and northern and remote communities to urban Alberta communities, and to attract additional investments towards the objective of increasing Indigenous peoples’ participation in the economy.

The Urban Partnerships Program funds projects under 3 different streams. The following is a brief description of each of the three funding streams.

Youth (YUP)

In order to address the fastest growing sector of the population, the UP program aims to support youth to engage in the Canadian economy by reducing or removing barriers to participation.

Under the Youth activity stream, main project activities should fall under one or more of these categories:

  • Projects and initiatives that support enhanced capacity of urban Indigenous youth to be self-reliant that shift attitudes and values that promote increased participation in the economy and lifelong labour force attachment;
  • Projects that transfer skills related to self-advocacy, systems navigation, healthy living, and life-skill development;
  • Projects that provide educational supports, including but not limited to stay in school and return to school initiatives at the secondary school level, mentoring and tutoring;
  • Projects that assist in skill acquisition and knowledge transfer, by bridging or enabling youth to access employment and training programs and opportunities, and/or self-employment training, which are not available through other existing program resources.

May 4, 2016

Edmonton, Alberta, May 4, 2016– The Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association (ANFCA) has announced the Call for Proposals for the 2016-2017 Urban Partnerships Program (UP), established under the recently realigned Urban Aboriginal Strategy. Please review all relevant documents linked below. The Urban Partnerships Program seeks to increase urban Aboriginal People’s participation in the economy by providing funding to new projects that will build and/or maintain partnerships and that will attract and leverage additional investments from other stakeholders to support transitions by Aboriginal People into cities and towns.

Applications will only be accepted through the UP Online Application Database.

ANFCA UP Online Application

Please download the following information and application templates:

  1. Urban Partnerships Program 2016-17 Call for Proposal Information Package;
  2. 2016-17 Urban Partnerships Proposal Application Form;
  3. 2016-17 Urban Partnerships Budget Request Form; and
  4. 2016-17 Urban Partnerships Online Application Authentication Page.
  5. Urban Partnerships Online Application Checklist
  6. Urban Aboriginal Strategy Alberta Region Strategic Plan
  7. Urban Partnerships Program Alberta Region Project Administration Guide

IMPORTANT: Carefully read all criteria and requirements for each of the required documents in the Urban Partnerships Program 2016-17 Call for Proposal Information Package.  Ensure that all required application documents are completed in full and are attached. Proposal submissions missing any required documents or missing any information from within any of the required documents will be deemed to be incomplete proposal submissions by the UP Provincial Adjudication Committee and will not be considered for funding.  You may remove and re-attach documents to this submission page only until the Call for Proposal deadline.  Deadline to apply is 12pm (noon) on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  The UP Call for Proposal database will close at that time and you will no longer have access to edit or revise or submit your submission.

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